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Social and other events - local information

Saturday 16th August
Coach excursion to historic Saint-Malo and to the abbey at Mont-Saint-Michel

- Departure at 9:00 from the main gate of GANIL (be careful to arrive at least 20  minutes before departure, the bus will not wait for you)
- Return to Caen at 20:00 to Campus 1 (dorm building) and afterwards at the main gate of GANIL.
For students a hot meal will be served just at your arrival at the common kitchen.


Tuesday 19th August

A tour of the GANIL accelerator facility will take place from 1.30 the afternoon.

The expected duration of the tour will be about 1.5 hours.


Wednesday 20th August

Official "Team TALENT 7" photographs will be taken


Thursday 21st August: 20h00

Special dinner at the restaurant "le Goût des Autres" (Other taste)

Location -  Rue des équipes d'urgence, 14000 Caen

Tel :+33 (0) 2 31 86 43 30


Thursday 28th August

A norman appertizer will be served  before diner at the GANIL restaurant


In general, during the coming week-ends:

-Thursdays and Fridays, street perfomances in Caen

-Travel information: going anywhere in Lower Normandy